Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is an attorney's barcode?

    The NYED barcode consists of the first and last initial of the attorneys name and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

  • How do I remove an additional email address from my ecf account?

    Send an e-mail request with the attorney’s name and bar code to:, along with the email address(s) to be removed.

  • I am looking for the courts forms, where are they now located?

    All forms are now located under the main tab Forms and Instructions

  • Where can I find the civil summons form?

    The form is located on the United States Courts website.

  • I need to request a transcript for a court reporter that is not listed, who do I contact?

    Please contact ESR
    Brooklyn (718) 613-2590
    Central Islip  (631) 712-6015

  • I am already admitted to practice in the Southern District of New York - What do I need to do to practice in the Eastern District?

    You need to appear in person with a Certificate of Good Standing (valid for 30 days) and pay the one time fee of $196.00. You will receive a wall certificate on the day that you take the oath and sign the Attorney Roll.

  • Will my CM/ECF login for NYE District Court work in NYE Bankruptcy Court?

    No. You must register with NYE Bankruptcy court.

  • I scanned a pdf and filed it in ecf and now I get an "Out of Memory error" message, how do I correct this?

    Check for updates to your scanner software.

    Try reprinting the pdf to pdf. Once the pdf has been reprinted, contact the clerks office at (718-613-2610 for Brooklyn) or (631-712-6010 for Central Islip) and ask that the pdf be replaced.

    If reprinting the pdf to pdf does not work, try rescanning the document using a different software package to create the PDF.  If the pdf was originally created using a word processor, all you need to do is print to pdf. 

    Once the pdf has been rescanned, contact the clerks office at (718-613-2610 for Brooklyn) or (631-712-6010 for Central Islip) and ask that the pdf be replaced on the case.

  • What settings should I have set for Internet Explorer?

    Open IE, (7 or 8), click on General Tab

    Under Browsing History
    check off (Delete browsing History on exit)
    click on (Settings)
    select (Everytime I visit the webpage)
    click on (Delete)
    check off:
    Temporary Internet Files

    Click Delete

    Click OK

    Click OK

    Close all sessions of IE.





  • What privacy settings should I have set for Mozilla?

    Open Mozilla 15.x), click on Tools - Options- Privacy
    Select (Use custom setting for history)
    check off:
    Remember my browsing history
    Remember download history
    Remember search and form history

    Select ( Accept cookies from sites)
    check off:
    Accept third-party cookies
    select  Keep until (I close firefox)

    Select (Clear history when firefox closes)

    Click on (Settings) button
    Under History check off:
    Browsing History
    Download History
    Form & Search History
    Active Logins

    Click OK

    Click OK

    Close all sessions of Mozilla