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  • What does this error message mean? ERROR: Document contains code which may cause an external action (such as launching an application). This PDF document cannot be accepted.

    If your PDF contains any password security, it will not be accepted. All PDF documents which include embedded JavaScript that use the OpenAction syntax will be rejected. Some petition preparation software contains JavaScript to perform calculations which uses OpenAction syntax. If your PDF is rejected, please contact your PDF software vendor or petition preparation vendor and speak with them regarding the use of JavaScript OpenAction syntax. OpenAction JavaScript commands can be used to track those who view a PDF and to install malware and viruses.

  • What does this error message mean? ERROR: Document is not a well-formed PDF document (no further information is available).

    This usually means that there is a typo in the pathname of the pdf. Use the Browse button rather than manually entering the location of the pdf.

  • What event do I use for a Letter Motion?

    Select the appropriate motion event, then prompted, then on the docket text screen select the pre-text (Letter) from the pull down list.

  • What events are used for service?
    Summons Returned Executed/Summons Returned Executed as to USA
    Docket this event for returns on executed summons. If the summons indicates that the summons/complaint was served by mail, docket this event. If a process server’s affidavit states that they served the summons/complaint, docket this event.
    Summons Returned Unexecuted
    Docket this event for summons that are returned unexecuted.
    Waiver of Service Executed
    Docket this event when the waiver of service of summons is received. If the Waiver does not indicate the date it was mailed, enter the date it was 1) signed or, 2) filed.
    Waiver of Service Unexecuted
    Docket this event for waivers that are returned unexecuted.
    Writ Returned
    Docket this event for returns on writs, executed or unexecuted. It will prompt you for what type of writ the return is being made on.
    Acknowledgment of Service
    Docket this event when a party acknowledges their receipt of service of documents. This event should also be used to docket a supplemental return attaching the green certified receipt form. This event will allow you to link to entries on the docket.
    Affidavit of Service/Certificate of Service
    Docket these events for returns that are not on a summons, warrant, writ or signed waiver, or for something we do not have an event for. For example, a return of service on an order to show cause or on a waiver (but no signed waiver is attached). Affidavit of Service should be used
    when the person who made service is swearing under oath as to the accuracy of the information in the return. Certificate of Service will allow you to link to entries on the docket.
    Service by Publication
    Docket this event when a return is filed showing service by publication and attach a copy of the legal notice newspaper clipping to this return.
  • What if I am not able to comply with the Judges ECF mandate for my case?

    As of August 2, 2004, electronic case filing is mandatory for all civil cases and all criminal cases.

  • What if I fail to appear?

    Unless you receive a notice from this Court granting you an excuse or postponement, or unless the Court notifies you in writing or by phone to report at a different time, you must attend as directed in the summons.

    Failure to obey the summons may be punishable by fine and/or imprisonment.

  • What if I make a mistake and need to change an answer?
    Once the form is completed, PRIOR to submission, you will have the opportunity to edit your answers. Prior to submission you can print out your answers for your records. ONCE YOU SUBMIT TO THE COURT, ANSWERS CAN NOT BE CHANGED.
  • What if I need to submit additional information?

    If you need to send additional information, you can send it to the Court location address that is listed on your form to the attention of the Jury Department.

  • What information do I need to complete my questionnaire online?
    You will need the nine digit participant number above your name on the questionnaire, the first three letters of your last name and your birth date to login to the system and complete the form.
  • What is a "Default Pacer Account"?

    It is a link between the current CM/ECF user account and the associated default PACER account.

  • What is a Report and Recommendation?

     A District Judge may refer the case to the Magistrate Judge to handle during different parts of the litigation.  For instance, a District Judge may refer the case to the Magistrate Judge to handle all pretrial issues relating to discovery.  In addition, the parties may consent to have the entire case handled by the magistrate judge. In such cases, the district judge will take no part in the case.

  • What is an attorney's barcode?

    The NYED barcode consists of the first and last initial of the attorneys name and the last 4 digits of their Social Security Number.

  • What is the current pay rate for CJA Attorneys?

    The hourly CJA compensation rates are determined by the date and the type of work performed. 


  • What is the difference between "Per filing" and "Summary" NEF?

    Per Filing, an email will be sent for each individual NEF. 

    Summary Report, one daily summary email notice that lists all the filings for that day will be sent the next day.

  • What is the difference between events Sealed Docket Entry AND Document and Sealed Document?

    The selection of 1 - Sealed Docket Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection will seal the docket entry, the document, and prevent a NEF from being generated to counsel and case participants.

    The selection of 1 - Sealed Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection will make the docket text for the entry a public event and will generate a NEF to all counsel and case participants. If the disclosure of the docket text should not be public please use 1 - Sealed Docket Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection.