Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Where do I obtain a copy of a Bankruptcy file for the Eastern District of New York?

    Contact the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of New York Web Address: Phone: (718) 330-2188 - Brooklyn - or (631) 712-6281 - Central Islip.

  • What are the operating hours for the court?

    The court is open 8:30AM to 5:00PM on Monday - Friday, except for Federal Holidays

  • What do I need to appeal my case?

    You need: Original Notice of Appeal 2 copies. The Fee is $455.00 (which includes docketing the appeal). You may pay by check,money order, or credit card, if the credit card is registered with the Clerk's Office Mail copy of Notice of Appeal to all parties.

    Contact Appeals Section at (718) 260-2310 in Brooklyn and (631) 712-6000 in Central Islip, for more Appeals information

  • How can I view pdfs from a NEF on a MAC?

    To view pdf's from the NEF, please use Safari from your email or install the mozilla add-on (Firefox PDF Plugin for MAC OS X).

  • I am using Internet Explorer 9 and I am having problems accessing ecf, how do I correct this?

    Internet Explorer 9 does not work with cm/ecf V5.1.1, you would need to use Mozilla version 3.6.

  • I am using a new version of mozilla and I am having problems accessing ecf, how do I correct this?

    Only Mozilla 3.6 works with the current version of cm/ecf V5.1.1. You would need to un-install and install version 3.6.

  • How do I add additional E-Mail address to my ECF account for notifications?

    Send an e-mail request with the attorney’s name and bar code

  • If I have an attorney ecf filing account, can I use that account if I am representing myself on a case?

    No, if you are representing yourself in an action, you must seek leave from the court. File a motion for leave to allow pro se to electronically file in the clerks office. If granted, a pro se filing account will be created for you.

  • I receive this error SortDPF failed Seal(entry,silent) when trying to file a sealed entry - why?

    When filing sealed in ecf, you must select a primary event and then select one of the sealed utility events. Example: Rule 56.1 Statement and 1 - Sealed Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection.

  • When I login to ecf to file I do not see the civil and criminal options why?

    If you do not see the civil and criminal options, click the logout button and relogin with your ecf filing account and not your pacer account.