Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I view pdfs from a NEF on a MAC?

    To view pdf's from the NEF, please use Safari from your email or install the mozilla add-on (Firefox PDF Plugin for MAC OS X).

  • I am using Internet Explorer 10/11 and I am having problems accessing ecf, how do I correct this?

    Internet Explorer 10 and 11 does not work with cm/ecf V6.1, you can un-install, and install IE 9 or  use Mozilla version 15.x.

  • How do I add additional E-Mail address to my ECF account for notifications?

    Send an e-mail request with the email addresses, the attorney’s name on the account and the attorneys bar code

  • If I have an attorney ecf filing account, can I use that account if I am representing myself on a case?

    No, if you are representing yourself in an action, you must seek leave from the court. File a motion for leave to allow pro se to electronically file in the clerks office. If granted, a pro se filing account will be created for you.

  • I receive this error SortDPF failed Seal(entry,silent) when trying to file a sealed entry - why?

    When filing sealed in ecf, you must select a primary event and then select one of the sealed utility events. Example: Rule 56.1 Statement and 1 - Sealed Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection.

  • When I login to ecf to file I do not see the civil and criminal options why?

    If you do not see the civil and criminal options, click the logout button and relogin with your ecf filing account and not your pacer account.

  • What is the difference between events Sealed Docket Entry AND Document and Sealed Document?

    The selection of 1 - Sealed Docket Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection will seal the docket entry, the document, and prevent a NEF from being generated to counsel and case participants.

    The selection of 1 - Sealed Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection will make the docket text for the entry a public event and will generate a NEF to all counsel and case participants. If the disclosure of the docket text should not be public please use 1 - Sealed Docket Entry AND Document - to be used ONLY in conjunction with other selection.

  • I received a regenerated email from ecf, does that mean that my filing was refiled?

    No, it means that he the original NEF email was resent/regenerated.

  • I sometimes get a white screen when I click on a pdf in ecf, how can that be corrected?

    Make sure you have "Include headers when displaying PDF documents" checked on the docket sheet screen.

  • What are the appropriate settings for my scanner when preparing a document for filing on CM/ECF?

    Scanned documents filed via CM/ECF must meet NARA Acceptable IMage Quality Specifications:

    Scanned images of textual records transferred to NARA must meet the following minimum requirements for scanning resolution and pixel (bit) depth to support archival preservation and continued use.

    Bitonal (1-bit) scanned at 300-600 dpi. This is appropriate for documents that consist exclusively of clean printed type possessing high inherent contrast (e.g., laser printed or typeset on a white background). Scanning at 600 dpi is recommended.

    Gray scale (8-bit) scanned at 300-400 dpi. This is appropriate for textual documents of poor legibility because of low inherent contrast, staining or fading (e.g., carbon copies, thermofax, or documents with handwritten annotations or other markings), or that contain halftone illustrations or photographs. Scanning at 400 dpi is recommended.

    Color (24-bit RGB [Red, Green, Blue]) scanned at 300-400 dpi. Color mode (if technically available) is appropriate for text containing color information important to interpretation or content. Scanning at 400 dpi is recommended.

    If your document was created using a word processor, then it should be printed to pdf. Do not print, scan and pdf your document. Your ecf login and password is your signature. Please refer to page 4 of the ecf user guide for more information.