Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I accidently removed my default pacer login from ecf, how do I get it back?

    First log into ecf with your filing account, click Query, check off box (Make this my default PACER login )and then enter the pacer login and password.

  • I have a MAC and I need to know how to select multiple names when filing?

    Click on one of the party names and then press and hold the MAC command key and click on the other name(s).

  • I use a MAC, does Safari work with when filing in ECF?

    Safari 5.1 works.

  • Does mandatory ecf mean that I need to have ecf filing account?

    Yes, in order to file and receive emails on cases, you must register for an ecf account.

  • What event do I use for a motion to appear pro hac vice?

    Motion to Appear Pro Hac Vice.

  • I cannot find an event for filing discovery documents what event can I use?

    Please refer to Local Rule 5.1 regarding the filing of discovery documents.

  • Do I need to file my motion to appear pro hac vice for each attorney or can I file it once?

    It must be filed for each attorney that wishes to appear pro hac vice. There is a 150.00 fee per pro hac vice application.

  • What does this error message mean? ERROR: Document contains code which may cause an external action (such as launching an application). This PDF document cannot be accepted.

    If your PDF contains any password security, it will not be accepted. All PDF documents which include embedded JavaScript that use the OpenAction syntax will be rejected. Some petition preparation software contains JavaScript to perform calculations which uses OpenAction syntax. If your PDF is rejected, please contact your PDF software vendor or petition preparation vendor and speak with them regarding the use of JavaScript OpenAction syntax. OpenAction JavaScript commands can be used to track those who view a PDF and to install malware and viruses.

  • I have a motion and a memo in support to file, do I docket both as motions?

    NO. You can docket the motion and then add the memorandum in support as an attachment or docket the motion and then docket the memorandum in support. Never use the motion events for anything other than a motion.

  • I want to setup my email notification, but I do not have access to Utilities, Maintain Your Account?

    Your email notification is setup when you register. In the EDNY, we do not allow attorneys to update their account information. If you require updates to your email address, send an email to with your full name and BarId. If you are on cases, please refer to Local Rule 1.3(d).