Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I have a MAC, can I still participate in ECF?


  • I am a registered ECF Attorney - in order to view the docket sheet for my cases - do I need a PACER account as well?

    YES. ECF is for FILING only. PACER is for VIEWING and PRINTING.

  • Whom do I call regarding CM/ECF software requirements?

    Call the Systems Department Help Desk at (718)613-2290

  • Is there a way to limit the number of e-mail notifications (NEFs) received per day by an Attorney?

    Counsel has the option to receive an e-mail as each filing is made, or to receive only one summary listing of all e-filings at the end of each day. To request a change in this option, send e-mail to

    Whichever option is selected, Counsel must check e-mail notification for document filings and other case-related information.

  • How do I access an ECF case docket sheet online with PACER?

    Go to Court Website - - Then to Live ECF/PACER Database; Enter PACER login and password; Click on Reports; Click on Docket Sheet - enter case number. To register for a PACER Account: Go to Pacer Website: OR Call Pacer Service Center - (800)676-6856 or (210)301-6440

  • Who do I call to get help with Procedural or Operational issues?

    In Brooklyn, call Operations Department at (718)613-2610 or 2330 In Central Islip - call Operations Department at (631) 712-6010, or 6011

  • What are the software requirements for CMECF/PACER?

    1. Internet Connection
    2. Browser (Internet Explorer 7, 8 or 9; Mozilla 15.x or Safari 5.1)
    3. Adobe Acrobat (needed for conversion to pdf files and viewing pdfs.

  • Is ECF filing mandatory?

    Yes, as of August 2, 2004, electronic case filing is mandatory for all civil cases other than pro se cases and for all criminal cases.

  • What if I am not able to comply with the Judges ECF mandate for my case?

    As of August 2, 2004, electronic case filing is mandatory for all civil cases and all criminal cases.

  • How do I get training on using ECF?

    To Schedule Training in Brooklyn - contact (718) 613-2610 To Schedule Training in Central Islip - contact (631) 712-6011 Training is free. The class is two hours, hands-on, and cle approved.